Pisces Solar Eclipse and Venus Retrograde

Chiron Society 2/22/17
Pisces Solar Eclipse and Venus Retrograde

Hello Visionaries and Astrology Lovers,
On Wed. Feb 22nd, we’ll discuss the Pisces Solar Eclipse which comes on Sunday Feb. 26th. With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and asteroid Pallas in dreamy, spiritual Pisces, imagination can be more important than knowledge. Solar Eclipses generally address endings and  new beginnings which take matters to a higher, more intense level.

On the positive side, the Pisces Solar Eclipse will usher in a more
fertile time to create art, write inspirational poetry, and dance to the
music which touches your soul.  Your spiritual compass is activated, you’ll feel more connected to the Divine. You can ride the Pisces circuitry, take direction from Spirit and make your sacred, cosmic intentions real.  Negatively, Neptune has a power to confound, confuse and be foolishly idealistic, with a desire to ignore harsh reality and take charity to the point of sacrifice.

Also, in the first week of March, Venus will go retrograde. We’re familiar with the contortions Mercury Retrograde puts us through but we may not be so informed about what to expect during Venus’ time Retrograde.  This Wed. at Chiron Society I will share in depth research on how and where the Pisces Solar Eclipse will bring you into a closer connection to creativity and the divine…but can cause emotions to override mental clarity.

One of Pisces’ lessons is to release  anxiety. This release comes with a realization that things will work out if we can  surrender  to change
without stirring the cauldron.  I’ll direct you to where you can use this potent Pisces energy  to make important changes that will benefit you well beyond this Moon cycle.

ALSO I’ll help you to successfully navigate the Venus Retrograde period. As the planet of love and values, Venus retrograde periods are times to re-assess what and who we value.  Most astrologers consider it inopportune for getting married or starting a new relationships. Financial undertakings are not advised during this period either.  I’ll shed light on Venus Retrograde and how and where the Pisces Solar Eclipse will affect your life.

I will provide complimentary Birth Charts and
individual personal Astrological readings to all present at the House of Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St, Downtown Redding at 7:30 pm.  Contact me to reserve your place and forward  your birth statistics… date, place and time. Love Donation $20.00 per person.

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings
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Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Hello Members of Chiron Society,

There will be no meeting Wed. 2/8 consequently, I’m sending a short report regarding the Lunar Eclipse in Leo coming up on Fri. Feb. 10th. You can reach me by phone, email or text if you need personal attention.
Our next official meeting will be Wed. 2/22. I am planning a special Wed. experimental night in Feb. More to come regarding that later.

Leo Lunar Eclipse 2/10/ 2017
This eclipse comes at the Full Moon when Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon on opposite sides of the Earth causing emotional extremes and heightened passions. The Full Moon challenge is to create balance between your self-interests (Leo) and the interests of the collective.
Leo is positively associated with flamboyance, drama, self-confidence, generosity, loving warm-heartedness, and leadership qualities. On the shadow side Leo signifies pride, vanity, extravagance and arrogance. It’s your choice to experience Leo qualities in either a positive or negative way.

Positive Aquarius qualities are innovation, invention and humanitarian group consciousness on the positive side or negatively, rebelliousness and eccentricity.

This eclipse at 22 degrees Leo Friday evening at 4:32 pm triggers issues of receiving recognition for your creative and managerial efforts. As a Lunar Eclipse it will be perceived primarily by those who spend time close to home base and family. Women’s issues may predominate.
Find 22 degrees Leo In your natal chart to determine where you’ll notice whether you are getting the appreciation and recognition you feel you deserve.
The matters ruled by the house where you find the eclipse degree are central to the upgrade or reboot which the eclipse brings. It may be proceeded by a sensation of loss as the old paradigm dissolves to make way for the evolutionary boost provided by the Lunar Eclipse.
The Moon applies to a sextile to Jupiter bringing optimism and confidence to this transition. Generosity and an improvement in being included socially are connected to the eclipse experience.
Both the Moon and Jupiter have an uncomfortable relationship to Chiron, the Wounded Healer so this energetic upgrade which the eclipse triggers can heal an emotional wound connected to being ignored or unappreciated in the past.

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings
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Chiron Society 1/25, Aquarius New Moon

CHIRON SOCIETY   Wed. Jan 25 2017

Hurray! Friday is the New Moon at the 9th degree of Aquarius, the sign of original thought, rebellious and humanitarian actions and group  consciousness.

is the Aquarius New Moon which inaugurates 28 days of more eccentric, unconventional, unpredictable, and sometimes perverse behavior.  Aquarian ideas and actions are inventive, innovative, radical, unique and are often considered ahead of the times.

The New Moon is the time to focus on manifesting our intentions for the next lunar month. So join me at Chiron Society next Wed. Jan. 25th   and I will translate the Aquarius New Moon message which the Heavenly Spirit has for YOU  with a complimentary birth chart and personal intuitive Astrological  reading. Chiron Society gathers at  Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St,
downtown Redding, CA at 7:30 pm.
Contact me with birth statistics and to RSVP. Love Donation $20. per person.

Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings
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P.S. I have a special news story to share  which I hope will totally blow your mind.

Chiron Society 12/28, Capricorn New Moon

CHIRON SOCIETY Dec 28th at 7:30

The  Capricorn New Moon is Thurs  at 10:43 pm .  Capricorn’s talent is crystallization of goals and the ambition and tenacity to manifest them in reality. Capricorn rules career and public reputation so at this New Moon you can set your intention to take your ambition and professional aims to the next level. During this lunation use this practical Capricorn energy to conceive of and build something more substantial in your life and strengthen your agenda. Saturn rules this sign so Time is on your side if you put in the effort now.

I’ll help you to gain a clearer focus Wed. night Dec. 28th  with your
complementary birth chart and  individual reading so you can achieve your material goals and show you where in your life  your intentions for success will best occur. We meet at 7:30 at Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St in Redding.  Look for the blue lotus flowers in the windows.

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings
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Chiron Society 12/14, Gemini Full Moon

I reach out to tell you the Chiron Society meets this Wed. Dec. 14th,
because Tues and Wed, the Moon is full in communicative Gemini with the Sun in gregarious, outgoing Sagittarius. This Gemini Moon trines lucky Jupiter so at Chiron Society on Wed. I’ll show you where to cash in on this lucky, generous energy.

You may notice a climactic situation today or tomorrow since the Gemini Full Moon perfects at 4:05 pm Tuesday afternoon and lasts through Wed.  Situations begun at the Sagittarius New Moon 2 weeks ago will come to a head at this Gemini Full Moon. Tension always builds when the Sun and Moon oppose each other at the Full Moon so I’ll show you where to look for communications (ruled by Gemini) which may soothe any possible tense situation and where to
be at the right time and place to gain from a lucky break.

Chiron Society meets at Conscious Living Yoga at 7:30 pm, 1325 Tehama St.  Look for the blue lotus flowers in the windows. Contact me to RSVP so I can have your complimentary birth chart ready and prepare for YOUR personal  Astrological reading.  Love Donation $20.00.

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings
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If all this seems complicated or confusing to you call me to schedule a private reading, You know I will be delighted to help shed light on the complex issues which you are dealing with now.

Chiron Society 11/30

Chiron Society 11/30 – discuss Sagittarius New Moon of 11/29/16

It’s my favorite time of year, Sagittarius is my Sun Sign!  On Tues. the Sun, Moon and Goddess Asteroid Juno are all at 8 degrees Sagittarius at New Moon at 4:18 am. Also in Sagittarius are Saturn and Mercury.  In the next Lunar month, we use our conscious life’s effort,  strongest emotional urges, desire for fair treatment from our marriage partner, mental processes and serious effort, applied with discipline over long periods of time towards achieving the things in our lives which we feel will bring us good fortune and wealth. The innate optimism of the fire sign Sagittarius encourages faith and confidence. Jupiter, rules Sagittarius and is in Libra, maximizing fairness, equality and peacemaking.

At the Chiron Society, I’ll show you where this powerful stellium is located in your chart. Here, you will likely feel the Universe is conspiring to bless you. Since Sun, Moon, Juno, Mercury and Saturn are in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, we will be aiming high to reach our most precious target. We can pray to the highest intelligences of our Galaxy to aid us in our efforts and be heard NOW.  Also, Sun, Moon and Juno square Neptune, the planet which rules illusion. You may delude yourself in some way as to how to go about attracting what you value. I’ll make clear where Neptune might confuse you on your path and how to avoid this on Wed. at Chiron Society.

Come to the Chiron Society on next Wed. 11/30 and I’ll show you where to aim your highest and finest energy for success.  The centaur, Sagittarius is a teacher and Chiron, the centaur is a healer. Let’s meet next Wed. to learn the easiest way to gain what we value and to heal what may hold us back. I will provide your complimentary birth chart and the personal intuitive Astrological reading which will aid you in this quest. Contact me to RSVP and to give me your birth statistics, date, place and time, so I can draw your chart.  Love Donation $20.00 per person.

See you next Wed. at Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St, Redding, across from Crown Camera.

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings

Chiron Society 11/9, Taurus Full Moon


The Taurus Full Moon is next Monday,Nov 14  a super Moon, at  perigee, the closest approach to the Earth and consequently the most influential for the Moon. Taurus is fixed, earth sign, symbolized by the bull of heaven and associated with the 5 senses and an appreciation for stable, personal comfort and natural beauty. Ruled by Venus, the archetypal goddess of love and attraction, Taurus desires stability and to be well-fed, well-dressed, and well-loved.

Generally placid and self-satisfied, the influence of Taurus at this full Moon brings personal satisfaction and peaceful gratification wherever it is found in your birth chart. Join me at the Chiron Society and I’ll determine where you will have an option to experience  lasting, peaceful satisfaction at this Taurus Full Moon with your individual intuitive mini-reading  using your birth chart.

We meet at 1325 Tehama St. at Conscious Living Yoga at 7:30 pm. Contact me with your birth statistics; date, place and time, and to RSVP and your complimentary birth chart will be ready. Love Donation $20.00.

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings

After the readings, I’ll present a preview from “Deep Space”, a disclosure video comparing  the U.S. secret space program to archaeological  evidence now understood to be remnants of a far older space exploring race of beings. This is a preview of coming attractions at Chiron Society.
For those of you with the interest  and the time to exercise their Astrological brains, we can take a quick look at the Sibley Chart for the U.S. date of origination, a chart for Washington DC on Election Day and of course, the charts of the candidates to compare to both. By now these charts will make so much more sense.

REMINDER –  the next Circle of Light gathering will be held on Saturday, November 12th at 7pm…weather permitting. Contact Judy Hickam for more details, she will be at Chiron Society Wed. evening.

Chiron Society 10/26  Scorpio New Moon

As the days get shorter we welcome the Scorpio New Moon as the perfect opportunity to create passionate emotional bonds and eliminate non-productive emotions and behaviors which hold back our happiness, spiritual development and evolutionary progress.

The transformative powers of Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio are strong. Intense physical, psychological and emotional change is possible.  Mars and Pluto the co-rulers of Scorpio are energetically linked with a conjunction in Capricorn. Intentions made at the Scorpio New Moon increase your physical power and the will power necessary to transform and upgrade your life.

I’ll provide your individual intuitive Astrological reading which will show you where in your life these intense, transformative energies will be available.

We meet at 1325 Tehama St. at Conscious Living Yoga at 7:30 pm. Contact me with your birth statistics; date, place and time, and to RSVP and your complimentary birth chart will be ready.
Love Donation $20.00.

Astrologically Yours,

Sandra Jennings


Chiron Society  10/12/2016
ARIES FULL MOON 0ct 15 2016

On Oct. 15th- 16th  Sun and Moon pull us from opposite sides of the Earth setting up what could feel like nearly unbearable stress at this Aries Full Moon as Uranus closely conjoins the Moon.  This adds the impulsive, uncertainty principle of Uranus to the emotional stimulation of the Full Moon.  An explosive, fiery, emotional situation can develop.  Hugely creative, electrical forces are unleashed, a genius is awakened inside anyone whose chart vibrates with resonance of 22-24 degrees of Aries or the other Cardinal signs, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Here may be triggered a channel
into psychic levels normally unattainable.

The Libra New Moon Sept 30th initiated the possibility for a pleasant, new type of relating… will explosive, inflammatory Uranian emotions of individual need express themselves at the Full Moon? Will the fire of glamour and passion burn brighter? Will the Full Moon be a catalyst for separation?  Uranus rules both.

Where will Uranus’ genius and psychic energy open a doorway for you to higher levels of individual creativity, success and communication?  How and where will this unpredictable energy emerge in your life? How can you channel your passionate heart towards the harmonious relationships encouraged by the Libra Sun?

Join me at the Chiron Society meeting on Wed. Oct. 12th and I will answer these questions with personal mini-readings and complimentary birth charts for all who attend Contact me with your birth statistics (date, place and TIME)  so I can prepare yours.

We meet at Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St, Redding at 7:30 pm.  Love Donation $20.00.

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings


Chiron Society, Libra New Moon

Chiron Society  Sept. 28th for  Libra New Moon

September has been exciting, with the Fall Equinox (9/22), a Solar (9/1) and a Lunar (9/16) eclipse. Eclipses reboot, and refresh certain areas in your life, whether you are ready for a change or not. The September eclipses looked at where you organized and healed yourself and/or sacrificed your energy and concentration for the sake of others to go with the flow (Virgo –Pisces).

Let’s look forward with the balanced viewpoint of Fall Equinox when the Sun entered Libra, the scales. At the Libra New Moon, coming on Sept 30th, we act to bring more love, peace, beauty and balance into our lives with the influence of Venus (which rules these matters plus creativity and finance) for the following lunar month….. BUT
Moon and Sun both suffer from hard aspects to Mars. Significantly, this factor  repeated in the charts of both eclipses and the Equinox. There is no escape from this important lesson yet.

At the Chiron Society Wed. Sept. 28th, I’ll show you where in your life this Martian lesson of assertion and bravery, irritability, argument, aggression, and sexuality is being driven home. Then I’ll determine for you with a personal mini-reading, where balance, equilibrium and harmony of Libra will be distributed in your life ….triggering  the love, creativity, gentility and beauty in relationships which can bring the breakthrough needed to master the lessons of Mars and  be your end result for the next Lunar Month.

Contact me to RSVP and give me your birth stats. (date, place and time) so I can provide your complimentary birth chart. Love Donation $20.00 per person. We meet at 7:30 pm at House of Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St.Redding.

Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings
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