Aquarius Full Moon August 18, 2016

Thank-you to all who attended the Goddess Asteroid Workshop. How rewarding to share the important and revealing information regarding the intimate workings of these female archetypes.

On Aug 18th, the Aquarius Full Moon, the Sun and Moon will be so closely opposed that the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, but not closely enough to produce a lunar eclipse. This lunation was originally recorded as an eclipse by NASA and then was removed from their eclipse list as this lunation  fell out of the definition’s range for eclipses. – the Moon  only grazes the earth’s penumbral shadow and the eclipse is not visually perceptible.
While the Moon is full in Aquarius (and the days immediately preceding it), a situation can occur which triggers you to think about the needs of humanity.  Aquarius is an air sign stressing intellect and objectivity and this is how you will perceive that you have a need to serve the collective.

The Sun in Leo drives self-expression, recognizing what energizes and feeds your individual creativity and happiness. The full Moon at 26 degrees Aquarius will somehow shake your inner focus encouraging  you to consider the needs of humanity as a whole. These opposing motivations are at the heart of this Aquarius Full Moon, balancing your own individual requirements with the powerful interests of the collective.

Wherever you find 26 degrees of Aquarius in your chart by house will identify where and how you’ll be torn away from your own personal interests and find yourself focussing on others. The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Moon is at 26 degrees of  Aquarius   “A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer” There is a strong impetus here to be scientific and objective like a scientist taking stock of all the data.

Then for the degree of the Sun at 26 degrees of Leo…“After the heavy storm, a rainbow.” This implies that there may be difficulties but we can be assured that Nature will bring us to an appreciation of beauty and harmony which we can hold on to as a  beautiful thing  that  inspires us .”

From Brenda Black –“There will be a Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Aquarius on August 18, 2016. This Lunar Eclipse is a mild one and will not produce any shadow over the Moon. So it will act more like a normal Full Moon. It is a Penumbral Eclipse and travels over both eastern and western North America. It also touches upon the eastern tip of Russia, the Bering Sea, and the Aleutian Islands.
Those born on the 16th, 17th and 18th of any month, especially Leos and Aquarians, will be affected by this eclipse. The Sabian Symbols for this eclipse will put us in touch with both physical and metaphysical realities as written by Stephanie Austin in the August/September 2016 edition of The Mountain Astrologer. The Symbol for the Sun is “After the heavy storm, a rainbow.” The Symbol for the Moon is “A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer””

In a total eclipse of the moon, the inner part of Earth’s shadow, called the umbra, falls on the moon’s face. At mid-eclipse, the entire moon is in shadow, which may appear blood red.
In a partial lunar eclipse, the umbra takes a bite out of only a fraction of the moon. The dark bite grows larger, and then recedes, never reaching the total phase.
In a penumbral lunar eclipse, only the more diffuse outer shadow of Earth falls on the moon’s face. This third kind of lunar eclipse is much more subtle, and much more difficult to observe, than either a total or partial eclipse of the moon. There is never a dark bite taken out of the moon, as in a partial eclipse. The eclipse never progresses to reach the dramatic minutes of totality. At best, at mid-eclipse, very observant people will notice a dark shading on the moon’s face. Others will look and notice nothing at all
— Almost Lunar Eclipse

From -calculations show that the Sun, Earth, and Moon will be very closely aligned on this day, but there will be no lunar eclipse. There are several different ways to calculate eclipses, so some sources are listing this event as a penumbral lunar eclipse. In any case, viewers on Earth will not be able to see the Earth’s shadow on the Moon.

An (Almost) penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurs on August 18, 2016, at 25 degrees and 52 minutes of Aquarius (opposite the Sun in Leo), affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 21 to 30 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) and approximately 0 to 1 degree of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) most significantly. **This was originally recorded as an eclipse by NASA and then was removed from the list as it fell out of the definition’s range – it only grazes the earth’s penumbral shadow and is not visually perceptible.

From me as Chiron Society’s  hostess…
My mental interest and curiosity is devoted to you, all members of the Chiron Society as you process this information.. Isn’t this captivating? If you have questions please contact me at abwon@ or call me 530-410-3702

We’ll meet next on Aug 24th at the House of Conscious  Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St. Redding.

Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings
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Sagittarius Full Moon June 20th

Some may see the Mutable Grand Cross at the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 20th as a boundary which boxes us in.  Jupiter is a prominent part of this formation and as the Great Benefic can bring us expansion and abundance, but we have to focus on and work within the boundary lines of the aspect if we are to use the planetary energies for our benefit.

First, find transiting Jupiter’s position by domicile or house in your Natal Chart (Jupiter is at 16 degrees Virgo). This area of your life will be the focus for the abundance to come during the Summer Season.  Jupiter is opposite Neptune which is at 13 degrees Pisces, so you will be more emotionally sensitive and tuned in to spiritual matters in the house matters of transiting Neptune. You can be distracted from Neptunian spiritual intentions by your Jupiterian desire to expand your well-being in society and vice-versa. HOWEVER, the abundance, direct and indirect social benefit of Jupiter and the ability to walk the spiritual high road encouraged by Neptune will both be accessible now. Just remember that with a hard aspect such as this, you may have a bumpier road to travel. With Jupiter in Virgo there are many details to attend to if you are to create a healthier method of dealing with your daily schedule.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are square or 90 degrees apart from Saturn at the 12th degree of Sagittarius and Mercury at 12 Gemini. Saturn’s self-discipline and persistence are your vital tools to navigate this time period successfully. They are available now but you have to put some real effort into their development throughout the Summer season. Saturn in Sagittarius means your beliefs will solidify as a result.

Mercury is opposite Saturn so the need for fun and the company of others may be a distraction from serious purposes unless you can find a way to balance your self-discipline and  work ethic, which can feel constrictive and boring, with some opportunities for conviviality.  Also find ways to use networking and a social environment as your workplace. A spiritual theme for your socializing could tie this all together.

Both the Sun and Moon are at the 29th degree of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. This is a critical degree implying a change of direction which is coming swiftly at the Summer Solstice. We’ll move from the flexibility of Mutable energy to times of Cardinal activity which the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn will bring. Enjoy this Sagittarian Full Moon and fill up on the joyful company of friends and loved ones because you’ll be busy soon after at the Summer Solstice when the Sun enters Cancer and the Moon is in Capricorn.

May I suggest…
Join me at the Chiron Society on Wed. June 21st and I’ll explain how you can better understand this chart for the Sagittarian Full Moon and the one for the Summer Solstice.   I‘ll help you to understand and master the opportunities brought by  the Full Moon for increased enjoyment  with  your complimentary Birth Chart and individual mini-reading which will focus on maximizing Jupiter’s massive creativity for your successful way ahead. We meet at House of Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St. at 7:30 pm. Love Donation $20.00 per person.

(I have LOTS more enlightening information to share about this Full Moon and the Summer Solstice, this newsletter is just an appetizing preview.)

Holistic Faire for Mind, Body and SPIRIT  Sat. June 25th at the Center for Spiritual Living, 1905 Hartnell Ave. from 10am to 4pm. I’ll be doing more intensive individual Astrological readings and providing answers to your most perplexing  questions using Horary Astrology.

Chiron Society 6/8/2016

Hello Visionaries and Astrology Lovers,

Yes, at the Gemini New Moon the mutable Grand Cross portends blockage and frustration for those who prefer to dwell on heavy energy and sit back and complain,. Jupiter is the key planet in both the mutable Grand Cross AND A GRAND TRINE IN THE EARTH SIGNS.

Jupiter, the Great Benefic, works closely with Pluto and Mercury now in this Earth Grand Trine which imprints on the Lunar Month at the Gemini New Moon.  There is a powerful social transformation for us hidden within these complicated Astrological issues.  Jupiter is direct now so both immediate and indirect benefits will come to us if we persevere now.

As the Greater Benefic, Jupiter will always bring the matters he is involved in to a beneficial resolution.  At the Chiron Society on Wed. June 8th, I’ll explain how the complex patterns in the heavens he makes with 7 others heavenly architypes can be decoded and you can understand the hidden message of blessed transformative changes which are possible now if you have the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it.

I will clarify the mystery of this complicated planetary combination at the Chiron Society PM  by providing  your complimentary birth chart and mini-reading. I will also show you where the help of Venus, the Lesser Benefic, at the same degree of Gemini as the Sun and Moon at the New Moon will bring the potential for loving personal and financial relationships during the 28 days of the Gemini Lunar Month.

Send me your birth statistics and/or RSVP if you plan to attend.
Join me on Wed. June 8th at 7:30 at House of Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St. across from Crown Camera. Love Donation $20.00 per person.

Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings

Chiron Society 5/25

Hello Friends,
We’ll meet again for:

I’ll be taking a deeper look at the challenging relationships which Jupiter, Neptune, Mars and Saturn are making in this summer-long T-Square.  I’ll explain how this formation will be affecting YOU when we meet at the next Chiron Society, on Wed.  May 25. I’ll give you the timelines for when the retrograde planets will go direct finally allowing YOU to go forward in your life.

Everyone will receive an intuitive Astrological reading. Contact me
to reserve your place and to give me your birth statistics so I can draw up your complimentary birth chart.

Also, I’ll introduce  the next workshop –  the Asteroid Goddesses – coming up in June.

Chiron Society meets at House of Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St. starting at 7:30 pm. Love Donation $20.00 per person.

With Love,
Astrological Sandra

Sagittarius Full Moon & Chiron Society 5/25

The Moon is full in Sagittarius tonight (Friday 5/20) and tomorrow night Sat. May 21st. The Moon partners with Mars (retrograde) at 2 degrees Sagittarius and  Saturn is also in Sagittarius at 14 degrees.  Across from these is the Sun at 2 Gemini, asteroid Vesta at 3 Gemini and close to both is Venus in an out of sign conjunction at 27 degrees of Taurus.
With a Gemini Sun our insatiable curiosity encourages us to gather information. With Sun conjunct Vesta, our dedication to the pursuit of spirit’s wisdom is ignited with the collection of this data.
At the Sagittarius Full Moon, we’re gratified emotionally by translating and incorporating  this data into a belief system which can inspire us. Mars in Sagittarius brings the motivation to focus on these beliefs, they fortify us as take we aim and strive assertively towards  our goals.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, He’s in Virgo with Mercury in Taurus  (ruler of Gemini) and Pluto in Capricorn. This  Grand Trine is  the best of omens. This formation further feeds our confidence and productivity at the Full Moon with the ease and grace generated by this  Grand Trine in Earth signs. These three planets form an equilateral triangle around our Earth.   This blessed aspect strengthens practicality and fertility and empowers Jupiter. With their ruler, Jupiter,  strong and blessed,  the promise of Sagittarian Moon Mars and Saturn can ripen and come to full term at this Full Moon. Circumstances can reinforce our beliefs now.  The combination of increased organization (Jupiter in Virgo), practical thinking and decision-making (Mercury in Taurus) and an transformative upgrade  in our operating systems bring a healthy stability and improved infrastructure.  The tempo of May has been slow and calm but the Grand Trine in Earth signs symbolizes  comfort and even genius on the material plane.

If you took the time to go back and cleanup your  business and personal matters during the time since the last new Moon while so many planets were retrograde, you may be feeling sleek and comfortable  right now when the Sagittarius Full Moon brings some your hard work to fruition.
The Sabian Symbol for the  Full Moon at 2 degrees Sagittarius is “White capped waves displaying the power of wind over sea: the mobilization of unconscious energies  ” Glad response to a vital call to activity. The power to stir and to impress one’s own rhythm upon materials. Proud adornment.

Part 2
Sagittarius is a centaur, part human and part horse, so any interpretation of this sign can be taken to its higher or lower level. Focusing on the heavier energies which are in play now…
The mutable T-square between Jupiter in Virgo, Mars and Saturn Rx in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces is occurring now  and will be ongoing throughout most of the summer. This indicates a  struggle because we can feel like we’re torn in two directions but find it hard to make the corrective changes that we want to make. ….
especially because with Mars retrograde in Sagittarius as the focal point of the t-square and the area where the pressure of the opposition is directed, your frustration is probably internalized. Any anger turned inward without any healthy release can be destructive, a feeling like you’re eating yourself alive. With Mars aspecting Neptune at a 90 degree square there may be some confusion about the source of the conflict or irritation we feel. Deception could be a part of the problem but unconditional love is always the answer.
One thing is certain, however, while Mars and Saturn, both retrograde, are running mates it’s difficult to take one step forward without taking two backwards adding to what can already be a frustrating situation.

At last Mercury goes direct on May 22nd and the frustration and irritation surrounding communication, local travel and technological gadgets, cell phones and computers, etc. will be letting up.
Well, this Sagittarian is going to defy the lunacy of the Full Moon and close this message. It’s 12:30 am and I have to turn off my brain and give it a rest. I’m signing off.
Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings

I’ll be taking a deeper look at the challenging relationships which Jupiter, Neptune, Mars and Saturn are making in this summer-long T-Square.  I’ll explain how this formation will be affecting YOU when we meet at the next Chiron Society, on Wed.  May 25. I’ll give you the timelines for when the retrograde planets will go direct finally allowing YOU to go forward in your life.  Everyone will receive an intuitive Astrological reading. Contact me to reserve your place and to give me your birth statistics so I can draw up your complimentary birth chart.
Also I’ll introduce  the next workshop –  the Asteroid Goddesses – coming up on June 3rd.
Chiron Society meets at House of Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St. starting at 7:30 pm. Love Donation $20.00 per person.
With Love, Astrological Sandra

New Moon in Taurus May 6th 2016

Hello Visionaries and Astrology Lovers!

I’M BACK and I bring you this wonderful message about the Taurus New Moon.  You can prosper during this Taurus Moon cycle. The Moon loves fertile and productive Taurus, if your  ground is prepared properly the Taurus New Moon energy will promote growth. Venus rules Taurus, She and Mercury enclose the New Moon and Sun in a luxurious cocoon of Taurus comfort and growth, but…
Consider the Grand Trine with RETROGRADE planets in earth signs (Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn). This means to go forward we must first look backwards and readjust, remove, and redirect ourselves. Plan carefully, jettison everything which retards goals, CLEAN UP YOUR ACT !

“This Moon cycle is about careful planning for best outcomes with persistence and consistency. Remember your priorities to get things done —the right way, says Jupiter in Virgo. ‘Let go of everything that gets in the way preventing progress,’ urges Pluto in Capricorn. Clean out closets and  old files, and especially readjust outmoded beliefs and habits about what’s possible for you. “Don’t be sloppy,” chastises Jupiter in Virgo.” *

Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, things move slowly now and slow and steady will win the race. Like a bull plowing the ground, MERCURY retrograde in Taurus means rework your ground, dig deep, enrich the soil with physical, mental, and spiritual compost. This gardening metaphor applies to your life. Five planets are retrograde right now. All contribute to this building up of your foundational soil— going back over the ground, reorganizing your garden, digging in the compost, using all necessary tools and materials at hand.

Take the time to plan properly, you have it now! Use both common sense and intuition. Mars and Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius offer some relief from any usual speedy pace.  Revision what you want in the long run. Target your goals carefully rather than rushing forward impulsively.  Retrogrades give us time to look inward to reprogram. Backtrack if necessary, question your old version of reality. Seek a new trail.

Timing is everything.  Ideas, issues and people from the past resurface prompting you to get back to the basic purpose of your life. This Taurus New Moon can be a turning point and the earth Grand Trine helps you to more easily  build momentum. If you’re stuck, this Moon cycle increases fluidity. Water the ground, make your life the comforting, soft, moist bed where your projects can grow.

Tune in to Neptune in Pisces which subtly influences this New Moon with sweetness, spiritual grace and compassion. Trust the Universe and you will receive inspiration but beware of addictive “comfort” substances and illusionary avoidance behavior now.

Join me at the Chiron Society Meeting, Wed. May 11th, 2016 and I’ll show you how and where to take full advantage of the prosperity that the Taurus New Moon is offering now with a complimentary intuitive Astrological reading. Contact me to reserve your space at the table and forward me your birth date, place and TIME so I can construct your chart. We’ll meet at Conscious Living Yoga 1325 Tehama St. at 7:30 pm. Love Donation $20.00

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings

Scorpio Full Moon 4/21, Chiron Society 5/11


Tonight’s Full Moon falls in the 3rd degree of Scorpio. This water sign is known for intense emotional situations which are further complicated by psychological issues.

Scorpio, a water sign, signals an intense, emotional full Moon experience. Any dense feelings, compulsions or deeds which we have tried to bury are revealed released and purged by the light of the full Moon. Mother Earth uses this heavy energy as compost, food for new growth on this green planet. Remember this when some part of your life transforms and send your  heavy emotions to the heart of Pachamama, Mother Earth, for healing.

To better understand how this full Moon will develop, look to Pluto, the planet which modern astrologers say rules the sign of Scorpio. Three days before this full Moon, Pluto stationed or visibly seemed to stop in its orbital path at 17 degrees Capricorn and then began to move backwards or retrograde.

When Pluto is retrograde its transformative energy is turned deeply inward, but we probably can’t make any transformative changes openly in the outer world yet.   Psychic powers, complex psychological or karmic situations  can develop. When Pluto turns direct next September you’ll see the outer changes in 3-D reality materializing which were triggered by these inner changes experienced now.

The Sun in the opposite sign, Taurus, encourages hard, steady work but also the pursuit of comfort, peacefulness and harmony afterwards. Tradition and simplicity is appreciated conflicting with the ever developing drama and complicated, intense emotional states generated by the Scorpio Full Moon.

Find 3 degrees of Scorpio in your birth chart. Which house is it in and what matters does that house rule? It is this area of your life which will be complicated by the emotional drama and perhaps trauma generated at the time of the Scorpio Full Moon. Something associated with this house will be eliminated or transformed.

Accepting the changes which are indicated with as much grace, love and dignity as is possible can make this Scorpio Moon the most memorable time of your life.

Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings

The next meeting of the Chiron Society Astrological Discussion Group will be held on Wed.  May 11th at Conscious Living Yoga on Tehama St.

Chiron Society 4/6/2016

Chiron Society 4-6-2016 ARIES NEW MOON APRIL 7 2016

On Wed. April 6th our subject is The Aries New Moon which occurs on Thursday, April 7th, 2016, at 4:23 AM. PST.  As the first new moon of the first sign of the Zodiac immediately following the Spring Equinox, this Aries New Moon indicates a need to make a fresh start, think of our own personal needs and take a leap of faith. This Aries New Moon can provide the impetus and the opportunity for you to jump boldly forward to the next level.

By providing your complementary birth chart and a personal Astrological reading, I will help you to understand where acting on constructive impulse or even taking a calculated risk will help you to reach a new, personal goal. You will discover where to take action and where your own individual courage will allow you to take charge confidently.

Join me and the Chiron Society on Wed. April 6th at the House of Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St, Downtown Redding, across from Crown Camera at 7:30 pm. Contact me to reserve your place and relate your birth statistics, date, place and time.

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings

Chiron Society 3/23/16

No you’re not going crazy!!!  This upcoming Libra Lunar Eclipse on Wed. will be VERY emotionally intense.  Eclipses are one of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change.  Lunar Eclipses primarily affect women, the emotions, your home life and nurturing people.  A lunar eclipse is always a full moon and usually marks endings or culmination points.  Even though the eclipse is Wed. you are probably already feeling some unexpected increase of stress.  Here is why, 6 ADDITIONAL oppositions are occurring at the same moment the Moon and Sun are opposing each other so perfectly as to cause an eclipse. This situation creates ever so much more stress on the Earth and all people on it because 7 heavenly bodies are stretching and pulling your body and your psyche in two different directions.

Join me and the CHIRON SOCIETY ON Wed March 23 and be the first to receive my in depth research on  where and how the Libra Lunar Eclipse and its accompanying 6 additional oppositions will exert their dramatic effects upon YOU.  I will provide complimentary Birth Charts and individual personal Astrological readings to all present at the House of Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St, Downtown Redding across from Crown Camera at 7:30 pm. Contact me  to reserve your place and give me your birth statistics… date, place and time. Love Donation $20.00 per person.

Astrologically Yours,
Sandra Jennings

Chiron Soceity 3/9 and Pisces Solar Eclipse 3/8

Chiron Speaks:
The Sun and Moon will align so closely at 19 degrees Pisces that an eclipse occurs at the New Moon in Pisces. Close companions to Sun and Moon in Pisces are Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and Goddess Asteroid Ceres. Opposing this Pisces grouping are Retrograde Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node, in Virgo, stretching and pulling us to be of service and attend to the overwhelming practical details of everyday life. The Pisces line-up of 6 heavenly bodies exerts a strong, deep pull to be quiet and receptive to the more subtle vibrations of emotional and spiritual sensitivity and a withdrawal from the rat race. However, the eclipse, which happens at 5:54 on March 8,  will obscure our access to the meditative, inner joy of contact with the Divine which normally accompanies the Pisces New Moon.

Join me and the CHIRON SOCIETY ON Wed March 9th and be the first to receive my in depth research on  how and where the Pisces Solar Eclipse will exert its effect upon YOU. I will provide complimentary Birth Charts and individual personal Astrological readings to all present at the House of Conscious Living Yoga, 1325 Tehama St, Downtown Redding across from Crown Camera at 7:30 pm.  Contact me  to reserve your place and give me your birth statistics… date, place and time. Love Donation $20.00 per person.
Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings

The Stars are your Spiritual Promise