Charts and Readings by Sandra   

Secondary Progression & Planetary Transits

As we grow older, our chart grows older with us.  It describes the mature person you have become, adding perspective to your life. Aspects of one progressed planet to another indicate personal, psychological, and  instinctive developments in real time.

The planets and luminaries’ positions can be forecast reliably, as can the respective cycles of your future life. Aspects from progressed planets to natal planets & angles indicate events in real time and will help you to determine your best course of action 

Solar Return Chart

This outlines your yearly cycle of transformation & growth by erecting a chart for the time that the transiting Sun returns to the position of the natal Sun.  Once a year at a specific time, the Sun returns to this position making a statement of intention and/or affirmation concerning what your soul believes it can hope to manifest throughout the following year.

The Solar Return Chart provides

consideration of all aspects of your future development and evolutionary process for your solar return year.


This is your Spiritual Owners Manual & template for living in the 3rd dimension

Horary Astrology

The Art of answering questions

This offers insight to issues which surface at times of confusion or crisis. A question is asked and a chart drawn for that moment. I will then translate the chart to provide the answer.

Love and Relationships

Synastry  &  

Composite Charts

Comparing or Combining two charts to assess their compatibility in all areas of personality and life style. Useful for marriage,  business partnerships and parenting.

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