February 22, 2020

February 22, 2020

February 22, 2020

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JUST A REMINDER- If it feels like your reality has shifted...IT HAS

February 22, 2020

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Pisces New Moon 2/23/2020

February 22, 2020


Here is the Astrology Schedule for this week:

Chiron Society meets this Wed. 2/19. I’ll decode Astrological message of the PISCES NEW MOON, which ends the Astrological year & resonates with unconditional love & the creative heart of the Universe. With Pisces Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Neptune, ruler of Pisces, positioned here we can channel  deep spiritual energy that emanates from this area of the sky. Access to the deepest meditative states is possible, I’ll identify where this doorway to the Sacred opens wider in your life and how to best align with it using your complimentary birth chart and personal Astrological reading.

With MERCURY Rx at New Moon, confusion & clouded thinking challenges rationality now. This is not the time to make major decisions, sign contracts or take initiatory action. Surrender to the Spiritual Flow, the Source Field, while it offers connection and healing.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are transforming the Earth & our reality with a longstanding conjunction this year. I’ll show you where to direct this power available to manifest your best, most successful path for the future while bathing is Piscean bliss.

Chiron Society meets in the office  at Brahma Shanti Yoga, new name is “LIT”  as in lit from within.  2449 Athens Ave in Cypress Square at 7 pm, $25.00 PER PERSON.

Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings                                                                             530-410-3702   sandrajennings85@gmail.com


At Center for Spiritual Living, the 5th talk on “Your Birth Chart is Your Spiritual Contract”. Transcendental, transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto unseen by the naked eye,  vibrationally effect our DNA at birth. I’ll explains how we operate with our generation utilizing the gift of  “ESP” talents, psychic ability, spiritual connection to the Oneness of creation and determinative will power. I’ll show how to recognize your spiritual gifts and where your super powers can be channeled. An exciting night ahead for you.

Please RSVP so I can draw your chart and prepare your interpretations. Get me  your birth stats -date, place and time-  if you’re a first-timer. We meet in the social hall at Center for Spiritual Living, 1905 Hartnell at 7:00 pm. $35.00 PER PERSON

Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings                                                                          530-410-3702   sandrajennings85@gmail.com


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