February 22, 2020

February 22, 2020

February 22, 2020

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JUST A REMINDER- If it feels like your reality has shifted...IT HAS

February 22, 2020

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Two Classes this week!

February 22, 2020


Chiron Society At Brahma Shanti Yoga 2249 Athens Ave in Cypress Square


We’ll look at the Taurus Full Moon on 11/12. Taurus is the sign where the Moon is exalted suggesting an ability to protect your own interests at the time of the full Moon. Traditionally, earth sign Taurus brings abundance, stability, practicality, a love of comfort, endurance, strong values and desires. This sign is known for an acquisitive, stubborn, possessive and self-indulgent nature. Above all Taurus is a fertile sign, seeds planted at New Moon will yield their fruit at a Taurus Full Moon. I’ll explain where this will be directed.


The Sun is often conjunct Mercury at full Moon. However, Mercury is Retrograde and exactly conjunct Sun at 19 degrees of secretive Scorpio. This rings an ancient warning bell. Horary Astrological Forefather, Wllm. Lilly (1602-1681) calls 19 Scorpio, ancient home of fixed star Serpentis,  “the Accursed Degree”, malefic, bringing tragedy, misfortune where nothing will prosper. I will clarify what makes a degree of the Zodiac so critical.    


So Sun and Moon display a strange antagonism at the Full Moon. Join me Wed. night for Chiron Society at 7:00 pm and I’ll clarify the Taurus Full Moon’s potential for you.

Contact me to RSVP so I can draw your chart, and prepare for your complimentary reading.  $25.00 per person payable on PayPal prior to the class suggested unless otherwise arranged.

Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings                                                   530-410-3702    sandrajennings85@gmail.com  


This Friday 11/15  “Your Birth Chart is Your Sacred Contract”  Class 2


Your Birth Chart is your handbook, your owner’s manual, describing the possibilities you chose while in the spirit prior to your present incarnation. It is literally, your Sacred Contract with yourself. Nov 15th is  the 2nd of a series of 6 classes  when I’ll present the interpretation of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in your birth chart; ego, emotions,  cover personality.

Classes are held on the 3rd Fri. monthly at 7:00 pm in the Social Hall,  at the Center for Spiritual Living, 1905 Hartnell Ave. $35.00 each. Printed material accompanies each class.

I need your correct birth date, place and time prior to class so I can provide your chart and prepare your individual reading for each class.  If I already have your stats, just contact me to let me know you’re coming,  No book purchase necessary however I can provide a notebook w/ index of terms which many find indispensable for  $15.

Contact  me at 530-410-3702,  sandrajennings85@gmail 


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